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Quick description of how to use the tool
Video guide (in Russian with English sub-titles)

You can use this tool to refer to a cell in a shape's ShapeSheet, including a shape on another page.

The ShapeSheet property reference tool

A table for generating a reference to a shape cell. Cells A2/B2 and A5/B5 contain hints on the sequence of operations, hints appear when the cell is selected.

Brief description of working with the tool.

1. Select the shape you are interested in in the Visio application.Visio application.

2. Open the shape properties table by pressing Shift+F10.

3. Select an arbitrary cell, delete its contents, leaving only the equal sign (=).
Then click on the cell of interest. Reference to it will be added after the equality sign, the same way it is done in MS Excel.

4. Select the reference cell and cut it by pressing Ctrl+x. Then press Esc to undo changes in the cell. If you have already had time to press Esc, to undo changes in the cell.

If you have already had time to press Enter on your keyboard or the Accept button in the formula bar of the ShapeSheet, then press Ctrl+z to undo that action!

5. Open this window in your browser.

6. If you need to get a reference to a shape in another shape, paste the copied cell name value from the clipboard into range A2 of the workbook.

7. Press Tab, the focus of the selection will move to cell B2. Copy the value from cell B2 by pressing Ctrl+c.

8. Activate the MS Visio application.

9. Open the VBA editor by pressing Alt+F11 / if the Immediate Window is not activated press keys Ctrl+G.

10. Paste the formula into the Immediate Window and press Enter.

11. The resulting formula (see the second line in the Immediate Window) can be pasted as a cell reference in the location you need.
This link will contain the correct page name, the name of the referenced (previously selected) figure and the name of the cell!

Video guide (in Russian with English sub-titles)