Visio Conference 2008 – Agenda now posted

We've posted the agenda for the upcoming Visio Conference. This conference will be expanded significantly from the last one, which was more focused on partners. This version will include a lot more end user content.

One major note: we will be disclosing a lot of information about the next version of Visio, which promises to be a huge release for us. We are in the middle of coding right now (I'm actually already using a version for my day to day work) and are really itching to tell people about all of the great stuff. We'll cover the upcoming stuff in both keynotes and will have two full sessions about it as well. If you are at all interested in the future of Visio, don't miss this conference (of course we'll be talking about the present of Visio as well, so don't miss it either way). You can register at this link.